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A Warm Welcome! Grüezi!

The American International Club of Zurich (AICZ) is open to all American and Canadian citizens, as well as others having association with the USA or Canada (upon approval by two existing Full members). The AICZ is a Member of the Association of American Clubs (AAC).

Over the years, expat North Americans have been coming to Zurich for various reasons that include international assignments, relocation, marriage or, one might say, “destiny.”

The AICZ helps you to make a smooth transition and integration into the community.  In addition, the club, through its volunteers, organizes events that enable you to fully benefit from and enrich your experience over the years in your host country, our beautiful Switzerland.

In the process our members establish a camaraderie and spirit of fun as they profit from creative ideas of both new and more established members.

The purpose of the AICZ is to promote ‘Fellowship, Friendship, and Service’ while bringing English-speaking people of all nations together. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Membership Benefits

  • Admission to New Members Welcome Receptions
  • Special holiday celebrations - Thanksgiving, Independence Day, etc.
  • Discounts at AICZ Events
  • Discounts at Events from AICZ Partners
  • Free American Club Directory
  • Free advertizing on the AICZ website or in the AICZ newsletter
  • Regular email notices about events of interest to the expat community, including English language educational, cultural, and social events

Special Events

AICZ events cover a broad palette of activities to appeal to the wide spectrum of interests of our members.

Events have included:

• hikes

• gourmet luncheons/dinners

• wine tastings

• cultural events

• holiday tours

• sports event volunteering

• …and much more

In true American tradition, we organize:

• annual Independence Day parties

• traditional Thanksgiving dinners

• political debates around elections

• informative events regarding issues such as taxation

All these events are organized by the Executive Committee and club members for the benefit and enjoyment of the other club members and guests.

New Events

Membership suggestions and participation continuously bring us new events! The important basics are organized by the club membership for the benefit and enjoyment of all members.

Networking After Work

We invite you to join us at a monthly “TGIF” evening. Every third Friday of the month we meet for an informal happy hour at a local venue. Everyone is welcome!  This monthly occasion offers a friendly atmosphere for people to network in Zurich. You meet new people and catch up with business acquaintances or old friends – a great way to build a network within the greater Zurich community!

Web site -

Keep up with the club online. Register online for events, link your own business and learn about other businesses.  Application forms are available on the Web site for all membership types.

Annual Dues - CHF 150 for a Full Membership, CHF 250 for Couples Membership, and CHF 75 for Students


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